Marlene Maier, Food only exists on pictures, 2017. Exhibition view of the diploma exhibition, Atelierhaus, 2017. Photo: Sebastian Hoch

Food only exists on pictures

2017. 3 channel video installation

In her 3-channel video installation Food only exists on pictures, Marlene Maier finds a visual “language” for the blurring and absence resulting from the opaque merging of technological and techno-political processes.


Marlene Maier, born 1989 in Steyr, Austria, lives and works in Vienna. Graduated from Vienna's Academy of Fine Arts in 2017. She majored in art and digital media under the direction of Constanze Ruhm. Exhibitions and screenings include: Mumok cinema, Vienna; Institut français du Japon, Kansai (JP); Dokfest, Kassel. Recipient of the 2017 Kunsthalle Wien Prize.