Sandro Steudler, Inversbaum I / Inverted Tree I, 2016. Video stills

Inversbaum I / inverted tree I

2016. Video, 2′

Inversbaum II - Zwischenalphabet / Inverted Tree II – Zwischenalphabet

2016. Video, 11′

Sandro Steudler, Der Bau, 2013-2015 (state 2012). Data sculpture (Datenplastik), 3D printed steel, hand finished, 95 × 45 × 30 cm

Der Bau: Approaches to a Theory of Data Sculpture (Der Bau: Ansätze zu einer Theorie der Datenplastik)

2018. Lecture-performance

«Der Bau», of which Inverted tree I and Inverted tree II – Zwischenalphabet are also part, has been growing since 2003 as a multimedia artistic setting and artistic/philosophical and in part also scientific experiment. The website ( shows the current state of the growing and changing formation with currently about 50 attributions to singular architectural fragments.

As an architectural data sculpture (Datenplastik), «Der Bau» grows as a figure of space-time, makes time visible and produces and broaches the issue of space/spaces. A variety of spatial categories are productively interwoven as a virtual-physical reality and the (physical) ground between transparency and intransparency, space of projection or thought, heterotopia and utopia are sounded out. Movements of deterritorialization and production offer themselves, which also point to the political/utopian as an emancipatory artistic approach to "world production".


Sandro Steudler is a visual artist. Curatorial activity, runs the art space luke, holds a PhD (not yet published) of the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg.

Various national and international exhibitions: Kirchner Museum Davos, Kunstraum Baden, Haus für Kunst Uri, Kunstmuseum Bochum, Kunstraum Düsseldorf et al. Teaches at various universities, Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), University of the Arts Bern (HKB), University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Basel (HGK FHNW), Lucerne School of Art and Design (HSLU) et al.