Elodie Pong, Something in the Air (Just do it?) , 2019. One of a series of kinetic objects

Something in the Air (Just do it?)

Something in the Air (Just did it)

Something in the Air (Just doing it)

2019. Series of kinetic objects

In her ongoing research and artistic projects relating to Smell, Elodie Pong considers the olfactory as a playful heterotopia, free from the hegemony of power and dominant discourses. Smell is a metaphor for the liquidity of our times.

Entering this conceptual Space of Smell is an invitation to embark on alternative imaginaries, to map perceptual territories where marginalized discourses and a sense of otherness can flourish.

Through this paradigm, Pong's work asks questions related to the transformation of the earth and power, trouble, and the nature of nature.

Paradise Paradox

2019. Presentation at the symposium

A rose is a rose is a rose… but is it?


Elodie Pong is known for her subtle, analytic works often built as cycles or in series, and which focus on human relationships, cultural codes and their impacts on contemporary society. Her videos have been presented in exhibitions & screenings worldwide, she is the recipient of numerous prizes. She lives and works in Zurich.