Elza Sile, Domestic Sets, 2019. Photo: Elza Sile

Domestic Sets

2019. Installation, 1.8 m × 2.5 m × 5 m, tape, plaster, cardboard, metal, paint, transparent film

X between a mental image, a mother board, a model constructed out of oil paint, a game board, a collection of imagery, a stage play or systematic/psychological positioning of selected elements as if fluctuating middle ground X of all these sectors.

Displayed and arranged of primary elements called UNITS, these works exemplify the ecologies and crowded overlaps of domestic estrangements, industrial landscapes, medical horrors, transparencies, psychological entertainments & manipulations, cube brushstrokes, pleasure services, skeleton traps, etc.

It's a field of associative readings and trajectories constituted by spatial juxtaposition of different observations and ideas (UNITS).

These UNITS are then formed into lists constituting the MENU.

SETS are formed out of any bracketed varieties (UNITS) residing in or near by the MENU.

For this exhibition SET is specified as Domestic SET with a scale lost.

To apply the concept of SETS to the work-material is different than, for example, thinking about the practice in terms of the series or chronologically developing projects.

Thus (c1, c2 c3, yc, yc2 and cx) and (y1, y2, y3, yc, yc2 and yx) would stand for two different series, two bodies of work.

A series is defined by its frame (e.g., thematic frame) and the significant similarity of its constituent elements. Elements regarded as variations on their defining synonymity.

SETS allow for a broader span and inclusion. A SET can be constituted from a couple of synonyms, then immediately and, in the same setting, positioned with their contras and/or far-away borders of connotations. A SET can incorporate elements from other SETS, as well as be a member of itself.

Elza Sile, Domestic Sets, 2019. Photo: Elza Sile


Elza Sile, born in Riga, Latvia. Drawing studies from 1996 till 2008 at St Francis Art School; 2008-2014 BA in Painting from Art Academy of Latvia; since 2016 studying at Zurcher Hochschule der Kunste, Master of Arts degree in Fine Arts. From 2014 till 2015 participated in seminars and study trips to Tokyo, Kyoto, Los Angeles and New York with Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Awarded SEB Bank Scholarship in Painting and residency in Antwerp (2011), 2009 awarded Boriss Berzins Scholarship in Drawing. 2013 March Solo show Dumb&Embellished, Neo-Gothic Staircase, Riga. 13.06-25.07.2014 Solo show Enlarging Original at Contemporary art Center of Latvia Kim?. 2017 September Group show, off-space Sechseinhalb, Zurich. 21.04-05.05.2017 Group show Young Popes at Villa Maraini, Swiss Institute of Rome organized by LIR and Edgars Gluhovs. 13.07-14.09.2018 Solo show A Decent Little Hike on Roads Dangerous Plus Ugly at Galerie Alma, Riga. 13.04-15.05.2019 Solo show (c1, c2, citrons un citi) at VSIA Riga Circus Elephant Stalls, Riga.