Milva Stutz, My Dear Lover, 2019

My Dear Lover

2019. Wall installation

My dear lover

What shall I call you, how shall I call?
What language to use to get into you?
I write, to you, a letter of love
I speak, to you, a letter of love.
How badly I long to touch you!
But how can I do that with you nowhere near?


What is the essence of a touch? How can a touch be described? How can one measure closeness? Which human and non-human bodies can be involved in a touch? How can one queer touch?

The animation film My Dear Lover, which this installation is inspired by, tells of the romantic and sexual yearning of a figure for touch and its simultaneous impossibility. The personal experience and feelings of a person and the intimity between two humans is turned inside out and raises the question of the extent to which touch - who or what touches each other and how, or does not touch each other, and how long, how intensively, how often and in what place - can be politically formed or formative.

Translation from German: Alan Roth


Milva Stutz (*1985 in Zurich) studied illustration, fiction and art mediation at the Lucerne School of Art and Design (HSLU), at Edinburgh College of Art and at ZHdK, Zurich University of the Arts. Currently she is studying for a Master of Fine Arts at ZHdK. Milva Stutz works mainly with drawing, installation and animation film, dealing with the relation between body, space and power structures. Her work has been shown internationally in various contexts. Since 2013 she has been lecturer in drawing at the preparatory course of ZHdK, and since 2012 she has been co-publisher of Strapazin Magazin.