Voin de Voin, Portal 1: Transgression of the visible, 2018

Portal 1. Transgression of the visible

2018. Installation

Shapeshifting and dematerialization of matter are the main components constructing the idea behind the portal.It seeks to calculate time and space needed to transgress the present dimension.

Reconfiguring the body in a new posture where the being experiences new physical properties and states of being.

Parallel universe is a channel to achieve the impossible goal of physics-teleportation.It suggests that Materia Prima is a non place -particleless and yet dynamic force.It looking into the idea that the more advanced technology is nature and humanoids are already evoluted species able to transgress.

Simone Gilges with Voin de Voin and others, A Character’s Quest, 2017. Video still: Ritual for the selection of a successor in Bandjoun, Cameroon, 2017

Portal 1. From the digital to the physical and vice versa (what is in between)

2017. Performance with video screening. Screen, video projector, media player, microphone, micro stand, speakers

Voin de Voin and Simone Gilges, will screen an edited version of the experimental art film “A character’s quest” for the spiritual and material accomplishments.

The story explores time and space travel and the aesthetics of  regression in post-capitalism in retrospect of different places of the planet. The relation of the individual to the new set values. The switching era of technological developments in relation to the mortal body. Text, movement and voice are the tools of the performance that Voin executes throughout his stage exploration, simulating dimension drops, shapeshifting combined with story telling.


Voin de Voin is a Bulgarian artist currently living and working in Sofia. He is the founder of Æther art space in Sofia, running since may 2016. He is part of Sariev Gallery, Bulgaria. He studied Art and Dance in Laban centre, London, Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, International School of Cinema of Paris, and holds a master degree in advanced research in the performing arts from DASARTS, Amsterdam. His work is a combination between performance, installation and social experiments. His aim is to create new connections between the private and the collective, to establish new systems of thinking and offer unique experience to his audiences by creating environments where the borders between performer and public are merged. In his practise he is creating his own platforms to explore the effects and affects of the contemporary life, where the political, sexual and experimental art intersect.

His work has been shown in various festivals and places like NYLO-Living Art Museum, Iceland, Museumsquartier, Vienna, Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin, MOMA, New York, Istanbul Contemporary, Documenta 13, Manifesta 11, Zurich, Pane per i poveri, Venice, and others. He has participated in theatre plays, commercials, independent movies and video clips as actor as well as maker.


Simone Gilges lives and works as a freelance photographer and artist in Berlin. She documents moods and changes in the city and landscape and also portrays its music and artistic scene, often collaborating with other artists. Since 1995 Sim Gil was a member of the artist group Honey-Suckle Company. They realized installations, performances, photo productions and films shown in various international exhibitions and published a book about their numerous activities in 2016. Since 2003 she has been the editor and publisher of freier – magazine for the mental state, compiling mostly photographic essays but also poetry and drafts about the actual state of mind of a circle artist friends around the turn of the century. Since 2008 Gilges has been involved in several projects on the African continent, workshops and cultural exchange. She published a photo book about the differences and communities of the city of Dakar and Berlin, in collaboration with the Senegalese photographer Mamadou Gomis. Recently she is working on an experimental film about the quest for spiritual and material accomplishments in different parts of the world. Traveling and discovering cultural diversity has become the biggest challenge.

In the artistic photographic work Gilges often combines different styles of images to create a certain moodboard about the worlds condition and the humans role in it. Her images are iconified symbols to express ideas of freedom, mindtravelling and miraculous experiences to make the viewer reflect on himself from a metaphysical perspective. She also mixes photographs with self-made and found objects or fabric draperies in installations. Her work has been exhibited in various international institutions and galleries.